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Another glorious fanfiction reading I needed to share with you guys. It's a Lord of the Rings Mary Sue fic this time. ENJOY.

Holly StarkHolly Stark 13 Nov 2011 18:19
in discussion Club Forum / Constructive Criticism » Break

Fic posted to the Share Your Fiction page : )
Feedback on any part, nit-picky, general, or anything in between, is happily welcome.

Author: Jean (Holly Stark)
Type: Short(ish) Fiction (30 pages)
Summary: A young doctor being forced to work at a government facility for the creation of humans sets off a chain reaction that changes history.
Location: Files

Break by Holly StarkHolly Stark, 13 Nov 2011 18:19

Thank you for reading it— I did warn you about the cuteness.

Re: Novel Covers
koryoslorekoryoslore 04 Nov 2011 05:15
in discussion Club Forum / NaNoWriMo » Novel Covers

I suppose this is the most appropriate place to mention this- someone asked about the free Createspace proof copy offer in club today. You can find details on it here.

Re: Novel Covers by koryoslorekoryoslore, 04 Nov 2011 05:15
Re: Art
koryoslorekoryoslore 03 Nov 2011 00:58
in discussion Club Forum / Miscellaneous » Art

Hey do you remember that post just above this one where I drew dragons? Well someone who is better at drawing dragons drew Ekt for me.


Re: Art by koryoslorekoryoslore, 03 Nov 2011 00:58

I read your description, and I was all, "I bet I won't say it's cute." But then it was pretty cute.

I will provide concrit later when I have time, just wanted to let you know I read it. :)

This is the beginning of the book, which I hope makes itself clear enough. Usually people coo and such at how cute this is. I'm cool with that, of course, but I'd like some thoughts.

Art of Deception (Excerpt) by Vesta_ClarkVesta_Clark, 02 Nov 2011 22:19
Re: Your Novel
koryoslorekoryoslore 30 Oct 2011 03:57
in discussion Club Forum / NaNoWriMo » Your Novel

Heya folks- the writing buddies part of the NaNo site is finally back up. Let's all be friends!

Re: Your Novel by koryoslorekoryoslore, 30 Oct 2011 03:57
Re: Panera Trip
koryoslorekoryoslore 28 Oct 2011 05:23
in discussion Club Forum / NaNoWriMo » Panera Trip

Hallo folks, quick update- we'll be meeting in the circle by Caroline around 8:45 on Tuesday.

Re: Panera Trip by koryoslorekoryoslore, 28 Oct 2011 05:23
Novel Covers
koryoslorekoryoslore 26 Oct 2011 00:00
in discussion Club Forum / NaNoWriMo » Novel Covers

Here's a fun thread- one of my favorite things about NaNoWriMo is getting a cover for my beautiful soon-to-be-a-bestseller novel. I either make a crappy one on my own or recruit friends to design me a pretty one, and this thread is for both those things. If you've made a cover, show it off here. If you want a cover, request one here and maybe there will be art-savvy people floating around to make one for you!

I've already made one for this year's novel, though I'll probably make/commission a few more before I'm satisfied. Take a look here!

By the way, if you can't find someone to commission for you here and/or you suck at art, I highly suggest you go over to the artisans forum topic on the NaNoWriMo site forum. Lots of people there would be willing to help!

Novel Covers by koryoslorekoryoslore, 26 Oct 2011 00:00
Panera Trip
koryoslorekoryoslore 25 Oct 2011 17:41
in discussion Club Forum / NaNoWriMo » Panera Trip

We don't have many details yet- just that this trip will take place Tuesday, November 1 at 9 PM. We have one driver so far. If you're interested, email me or Katie so we can get a good headcount. This is not going to be considered an official club trip, so you won't have to sign anything, but you'll also have to pay for your own food.

Anyway, this is a trip to celebrate NaNoWriMo, so come brandishing your laptops and notebooks and get ready for some serious power-writing surrounded by comfort food.

Panera Trip by koryoslorekoryoslore, 25 Oct 2011 17:41

There will be a VOICES reading by Amiri Baraka this Thursday, October 27th, at 8:15 in DPC.

Re: Outside Events by koryoslorekoryoslore, 25 Oct 2011 17:31

Phew, only six days till November! Anyhow, we've got a wonderful presentation planned that centers on description and setting, given by Jean and Katie. Katie is also going to talk a little bit about how to commission art for your story- should be exciting! They've also got an enjoyable little writing exercise planned, so bring your notebooks or laptops, please!

Nobody has volunteered to share fiction this week- there's still time to volunteer! Email me or Katie and we'll set you up. Also, don't forget to email one of us if you want to come on the Panera trip this tuesday!

This club meeting does conflict with a VOICES reading, however since it was not on the schedule I was given we've decided to go ahead as planned. If you wish to go to the reading, go with our encouragement and support the author!

Club Agenda 10/27 by koryoslorekoryoslore, 25 Oct 2011 17:30
Re: Art
koryoslorekoryoslore 21 Oct 2011 03:44
in discussion Club Forum / Miscellaneous » Art

More art! This time it's a few doodles of some of the dragon characters in The Monoceros' Trial, which I read aloud in club today.


Oh and if you want to read that story it's riiiiight over here. NaNoWriMo 2010!

Re: Art by koryoslorekoryoslore, 21 Oct 2011 03:44
Re: Your Novel
ZeroHarmonyZeroHarmony 20 Oct 2011 20:25
in discussion Club Forum / NaNoWriMo » Your Novel

I'm thinking of doing NaNoWriMo for the first time too, and figure I will take an official break from fanfiction to see what I can do. I'm using a story I've had conceived for a while, but only have a few pages to show for it. The setting is anthropomorphic animals, with a geopolitical arrangement meant to imitate classical historic and fantasy cultures.

Summary: The squirrel Sovnia, a Ranger in training, leaves the forest kingdom of Angria after she becomes sick of her masters sexist attitude. (on the other hand, the master was forced to accept her because her mother was friends with the king). When she rescues a gerbil named Kihj in Atazni from being executed she is shocked to discover that he really was guilty of accidentally killing a friend of his, and the two unite, later joined by Faldun Stormhammer, a messenger of the mole clans, to discover the truth about the object of the Kihj's recent studies, which's bizarre nature was responsible for killing his friend: The mysterious yellow stone called Foulshine.

My Profile is under the same name.

Re: Your Novel by ZeroHarmonyZeroHarmony, 20 Oct 2011 20:25
koryoslorekoryoslore 19 Oct 2011 00:31
in discussion Club Forum / Miscellaneous » Art

Here's a thread where you can post stuff you've drawn (or have had others draw) for your fiction! I'm a fairly poor artist, but occasionally I do break out my no. 2 and scrawl something on my drawing book. Here's some art I drew for the Wyvern series (the first of which is linked to in the forum) of Volte the wyvern and Ladon the dragon when they first met. Aww.


Yeah I have no scanner.

Art by koryoslorekoryoslore, 19 Oct 2011 00:31

Hi! I'm trying NaNoWriMo for the first time this year! My NaNoWriMo is going to be a fanfic that is based on another fanfic that I wrote (the introduction and the first chapter are in the forum), but this one is centered on the Johnny's groups Kanjani8 and NEWS.

This is the summary: Years ago, Hiroki Uchi used to be childhood playmates with the boys who would later become the leaders of Heisei Gakuen. However, after unforeseen circumstance, Hiroki transfers to Showa Gakuen. Soon after, he gets killed in a drunk driving accident along with Showa Gakuen student Hironori Kusano. Because of this, tensions rise up between the leaders of Heisei Gakuen, who mourn the loss of their childhood friend, and the leaders of Showa Gakuen, who have also lost one of their cherished lifelong friends, causing war to break out between the two schools. As time passes, both sides become more desperate, and Ryo Nishikido, the leader of Heisei Gakuen's Class 2, is contacted out of the blue by Showa and presented with an impossible choice: betrayal of his school and Heisei brothers or ultimate power. Just how strong can lifelong bonds of friendship be…before they break?

My profile is "jessicaluthien" so it's the same link as Lydia's, except for the last part.

Re: Your Novel by JUMPing EighterJUMPing Eighter, 19 Oct 2011 00:07

Wow, it's that late in the month already? November is approaching fast, my friends! Anyhow, the next meeting should be lots of fun because our very own Rose is giving a presentation of the do's and don'ts of good writing. Mostly the don'ts. After that, Andrew and I are going to share some of our fiction with you. Remember, if you have a presentation idea or you just want to share fiction with the rest of the club, email us so we can get you on the roster!

Be sure to come to the meeting! There may be delicious things in store this time!

Club Agenda 10/20 by koryoslorekoryoslore, 17 Oct 2011 05:26

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

A novel originally written for NaNoWriMo that has gone on to be a bestseller!

Review and an excerpt

Book of the Week 10/6 by koryoslorekoryoslore, 14 Oct 2011 13:39

The Writers’ Series:

Writing with and about Humor

What makes some writing so funny? How can humor be used to make writing about difficult issues, like those raised by environmentalism, less intimidating and more engaging? Why did the chicken cross the road?
Come talk about these questions and more with a panel including English faculty members Ben Click, Kate Chandler and Brian O’Sullivan. Refreshments will be served.

Monday,October 24, 4:45 p.m.
The Writing Center
(Library 115)

Re: Outside Events by koryoslorekoryoslore, 14 Oct 2011 01:40
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