NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is a writing contest that takes place every November. The goal? To write 50,000 words in 30 days. I will encourage all members of the club to participate in this awesome challenge as November approaches. For more information, visit the NaNoWriMo website.

Helpful Sites and Resources

Write or Die is a useful tool for getting words done on time.

Short story idea generator is helpful when you're stuck. I love this site. I love it to death.

Wikipedia Quick! I need to know whether elephants can have peanut allergies!

User Accounts

Jean (Holly Stark)
Title: Humane
Synopsis: Grace and Fox fought a war against the (name pending). They were both injured and sent home safe. Home doesn't stay safe for long, and they are soon drawn back into a second war, which they fight and win, at great personal cost. But it's the aftermath that will be the difficult part, tackling relations with a people different from them, who they don't understand.

Jessica (JUMPing Eighter)
Title: Oretachi no Kizuna Zenpen~Kowareta Kibou~
Synopsis: This is a fanfic based on the Johnny's groups Kanjani8 and NEWS.

Years ago, Hiroki Uchi used to be childhood playmates with the boys who would later become the leaders of Heisei Gakuen. However, after unforeseen circumstance, Hiroki transfers to Showa Gakuen. Soon after, he gets killed in a drunk driving accident along with Showa Gakuen student Hironori Kusano. Because of this, tensions rise up between the leaders of Heisei Gakuen, who mourn the loss of their childhood friend, and the leaders of Showa Gakuen, who have also lost one of their cherished lifelong friends, causing war to break out between the two schools. As time passes, both sides become more desperate, and Ryo Nishikido, the leader of Heisei Gakuen's Class 2, is contacted out of the blue by Showa and presented with an impossible choice: betrayal of his school and Heisei brothers or ultimate power. Just how strong can lifelong bonds of friendship be…before they break?

Lydia (koryoslore)
Title: Mute
Synopsis: The earth is a dump, and the human race has long since decided to leave. All that remained to seed a brand new world were the worst criminals of human society. And this is a new world- with limited technology, an inhospitable climate, and monstrous animals, it takes a lot of luck to survive to adulthood. Young Nur is doing her best, but the odds are stacked against her: after a horrible childhood accident, she's taken from her home and placed among the lundi, the lowly caste designated to care for the war-beasts known as brima. Brima are descended from parrots, but their size is elephantine and their power unmistakable. Nur may very well be killed by Mash, the brima she is assigned to care for, as he grows larger and more furious. However, she gradually realizes that she and Mash have more in common than meets the eye: with no power to control her own life, she, like him, is mute.
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Walter (ZeroHarmony)
Title: The Evil Light
Synopsis: From the forest kingdom of Angria, from the conquered territory of Atazni, from the mountain strongholds of Gaiyaz, a squirrel, a gerbil, and a mole unite to discover the truth about the mysterious, corruptive stone called Foulshine, but what they will discover is something none of them could fathom, and nothing in their world can stop once its plans are put in motion.