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Story Summaries

Art of Deception
Author: Arianna (Vesta_Clark)
Type: Multi-chapter
Genre: Science Fiction
Location: Forum

Author: Jean (Holly Stark)
Type: Short(ish) Fiction
Summary: A young doctor being forced to work at a government facility for the creation of humans sets off a chain reaction that changes history.
Location: Files

Oretachi no Kizuna~School Kakumei~ (Our Bonds~School Revolution~)
Author: Jessica (JUMPing Eighter)
Type: Fanfic (multi-chapter)
Genre: Drama
Summary: A divided school must band together in order to defend themselves against their rival school.
Location: Forum

Author: Walter (ZeroHarmony)
Type: Short Fiction
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Summary: A vet gets a strange visitor in the night.
Location: Forum

White Blank Page
Author: Anna (sealy410)
Type: Short Fiction
Summary: An elderly man is trying to remember the girl he loves.
Location: Forum

Author: Lydia (koryoslore)
Type: Multi-chapter
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Summary: A wyvern and a wyrm-hunter. A girl accused of being a witch and a boy who might actually BE a witch. They meet by chance, ignorant of how connected they all are.
Location: Forum